Register for Eid Prayer

Why register for this free event?

  •  Event registration is a vital process for successful event planning.
  • It gives event organizers the ability to plan wisely.
  •  We need to be sure of how many anticipated attendees are expected for each Eid prayer time, so that we do not go over the limit restriction capacity.
  • Reasons for restricting capacity range from physical space restrictions, venue capacity (e.g., fire code), seating restrictions, or logistical considerations.

How we use your information when registering for an event?


  • We will use your personal data to allow us to process your registration and
    know precisely how many attendees we will be having for each prayer time.
  • We may also use your contact details following the event to send you content relating to the event and/or to ask you for feedback as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.
  • We will not share your personal data with any other third party.

Eid Prayer Times